Why choose us and faux flowers? 

Artificial flowers are are being used more and more within the home and workplace as an alternative to fresh flowers. 

We want you to view faux flowers in a whole new light and transform your perception. Gone are the days of cheap looking fake flowers. Our faux flowers are of the highest quality and genuinely look so true to life that you will find it hard to tell them from the real thing. Our blooms are beautiful and will be a delight in you home for years to come                         

Artificial flowers have many advantages over fresh flowers. Firstly they will last for many years if cared for and will always look beautiful ( see our FAQs for tips on care). There is no need to change the water and then having to throw away slimy flower stems after only a few days. Faux flowers are completely allergy free and of course non-toxic to pets ( some real flowers can be fatal to our lovable furry friends).

What makes Alex James Flowers different and why you can be confident in purchasing realistic artificial flowers from us?

Obviously we are slightly biased but we genuinely believe that you will not find better faux flowers anywhere else. We are truly passionate about our business and that is why quality is so important to us. The flowers that we carefully select are so realistic that you will be amazed at how lifelike they are. They look so appealing that you will want to lean in to see if they are scented ( we have fabulous floral mist sprays that can help with this). Our flowers are incredibly beautiful and will be a thing of beauty in your home for years to come.

Here at Alex James Flowers we carefully select every stem and only use the best and most lifelike blooms. Just as in nature the blooms are all slightly different and are incredibly realistic. Attention is paid to every detail so they look botanically correct. Each stem is made and painted by hand. Only the most beautiful and highest quality flowers make it to our shop for you to choose. We are a luxury brand and trust us “cheap and tacky” is definitely NOT our thing and only the absolute best will do. From many trips around the world we have identified the very best flowers and only use premium suppliers.
Our faux flowers look stunning as a single stem or the same flowers bunched together makes a very dramatic showpiece. However, when combined in one of our stunning statement bouquets you will definitely be wowed. They have all been designed by our creative floral director, Alex James, then put together by hand in our studio by one of the talented team. We are confident that you will be delighted with your floral selections. Also have a look at our wide range of lifelike plants which are so attractive and of course have none of the maintenance issues associated with real ones.
We can also help if you require something specific, if you are, after a particular flower but do not see it on our website we may be able to help. We have lots of floral friends all over the world who we can speak to. We can also create a custom bouquet for you from any of our gorgeous faux blooms (starting from £100). 

Our flowers will look great in your workplace. We have a rental scheme allowing you to have the arrangements changed regularly. We offer a personal service to our clients and will accommodate all your needs. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information regarding this service. London only at present. 
For more information about custom bouquets or about our rental scheme please contact us at: info@alexjamesflowers.com
Whether it be an English country garden, a wild flower meadow, a Tuscan hillside, brambly hedgerows or a crisp Winter scene that you long to see, our flowers will transport you there. They are the perfect gift to brighten up someone’s day or a fabulous treat to yourself. We aim to be the "go to place" when you are looking for high quality faux flowers.

“I want you to fall in love with our stunning faux flowers, I think they are fabulous and I am convinced that you will too”, Alex James.