How our story began.....

Our founder and creative director, Alex James, has worked in floristry for many years and has a wide experience of working with flowers. Alex was professionally trained as a florist in London and has covered many aspects of floral work. After carrying out some installations using faux flowers he fell in love with them and the endless possibilities from working with them. Alex became a little obsessed with finding new suppliers and travelling the globe to source incredibly realistic faux flowers. He wanted to use only the finest and best quality and was very particular about every stem chosen. The goal was to find artificial flowers that are true to life and change perceptions of faux florals.
From the very beginning Alex wanted the business to be the home of luxurious and unbelievably lifelike flowers. 
We are now a small team of professional florists who have a passion for all things floral and faux and take pride in our work. Working from our studio in London we design, create and make all our arrangements. We are continually adding more flowers and always looking for something new and you would be surprised how far this takes us.
Our business only uses premium suppliers so you can be assured that you will be receiving only the highest quality. Our flowers are so realistic you will find it hard to tell them apart from the real thing. They appear so alluring you will want to breathe in their fragrance. Our flowers always look stunning and are a perfect addition to your home decor or workplace.
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“I want you to fall in love with our stunning faux flowers, I think they are fabulous and truly believe you will too”, Alex James.