The Jungle Luxury Scented Ceramic Candle

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The Jungle ceramic candle with 22 Carat gold within the illustration (as well as hand painted on the rim)

Evoking a wild and tropical land. Exotic flowers, foliage and birdsong fill the warm air, which rises to the towering canopy above. 

Aromas of Eucalyptus, lush greens, Citrus, cedar wood and incense. 

Hand decorated with real 22 Carat gold on the rim, as well as gold detailing within the illustration.

Luxury, hand poured scented Candle  Approx 90 hour burn time 300g of vegan friendly soy wax.

84mm diameter, 89mm high reusable ceramic container (perfect for pens, plants, and trinkets).      Proudly Made in Great Britain.