Arrangements and Bouquets

Beautifully designed hand-tied bouquets and arrangements with our premium silk flowers. All of our bouquets are handmade to order using our carefully chosen selection of stems, each one individually chosen for its beauty, unique look and lifelike appearance.

Our premium silk flowers look like real blooms but last longer.

The bouquets will be wrapped with paper, tissue and ribbon.

Some of the designs come with the vase and will have been cut to fit. The other bouquets will also be cut to an appropriate length but you may need to bend or cut (with wire cutters or secateurs) them yourself to the size of your chosen vase. When placing your beautiful bouquet into your vase you may need to cut the wire/string holding the flowers which will then allow the blooms to relax into your chosen container.

Silk flowers brighten your home and your day and make you feel special. They are a fabulous gift.

Each bouquet is hand made so may slightly differ from the photo but will be in the same style.