10 Benefits and Reasons to Choose Artificial Flowers

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Artificial Flowers are becoming more and more popular. The choice and quality is so good that faux flowers like ours are hard to tell from the real thing.

We have compiled a list of ten reasons why silk flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh blooms. Don’t get us wrong we love fresh flowers, but as professional florists, we know of their downsides and how gorgeous silk flowers can make a wonderful alternative without compromising on beauty.

Faux Flowers are Long Lasting….Silk flowers have the obvious benefit of lasting. Our realistic faux blooms will look fresh and beautiful year-round regardless of the season, temperature (fresh flowers hate central heating and air conditioning ) or where they are placed. Candelabra with silk flowers

Hypoallergenic Flowers…Do you suffer from Hay-fever? If you love having flowers in the house but know that you can’t because if you did you would be sneezing and sniffing all day, our silk flowers are the perfect alternative . As artificial flowers have no adverse effects they are perfect for your workplace reception, hair and beauty salons, medical centre, dental surgeries and of course your home. Some people are allergic to pollen so if you’re giving fresh flowers as a gift this is something you may not know about.

Maintenance Free…Almost…. With artificial flowers there is no need to change the water (which to keep them looking fresh for longer should be done every day….Who remembers to do this or can be bothered? Picking up fallen petals and removing stems from the vase and then disposing of stinky water and wilted stems. All our artificial flowers need is to be lightly blown with a hairdryer on a cool setting once in a while to remove any dust. A wipe with a clean cloth or baby wipe also does the job. Artificial flowers can be placed in whichever room you choose and there’s no need to worry if the room is too warm or too cold. Silk flowers they will always look beautiful and as if you had just placed them in the vase. 

Seasonal Flowers…Do you love Hydrangeas ? Peonies? Dahlias? Magnolia? Unfortunately the availability of these fresh flowers will depend on the season and this is often for a short period of time. Our beautiful silk flowers can be in your home or workplace year round, looking their absolute best and never wilting and looking tired. Your favourite blooms are available all year round whatever the season. Lastly , when you’re looking for a specific kind of flower, you should know that not all of them are available all year round. Some are only around for one or a couple of seasons.

Overall cost…As a rule fresh flowers last up to a week and often less and certainly are not looking their best after five days. If you like to have beautiful flowers around your home or workplace the weekly costs of replacing fresh flowers will add up over the year. Having our luxury artificial flowers in a vase allows you the beauty that flowers bring without a large bill at the end of the month. Our silk flower bouquets and arrangements are all made to order and all of our faux flowers are carefully chosen for their beauty and lifelike appearance.

Wedding Flowers…They are an effective way to lend a touch of natural beauty to your big day, and tie in your bridal bouquets. Silk wedding flowers have become a popular alternative. Our stunning artificial flowers are premium quality and will remain looking beautiful so by choosing our faux flowers over fresh you won’t be compromising on beauty! 

You can also re-purpose your beautiful silk wedding flowers...The worst part about getting real wedding flowers is that they all just go to waste once the event is over. If you choose silk flowers you will have the option of taking them home or giving them as gifts to your guests, friends and family. They also make a lovely keepsake that will bring back wonderful memories. A fresh bridal bouquet will only last the day but choosing a bouquet with premium artificial flowers allows you to keep it forever.

Pet-Friendly Flowers…Some fresh flowers and plants can be extremely poisonous to cats and dogs. Our furry animals can be very inquisitive and will want to play with and chew flowers and as we can’t watch him them all the time this is the last thing we want. All types of lilies can be fatal to our feline friends. Our fabulous silk flowers look as good as fresh bit will give you piece of mind that your loved pet will not come to any harm.

The Flowers can always be in Bloom…Often when you buy fresh flowers they will still be in bud which is not always how you want them to look. If you are having guests over for a dinner party you want the flowers to be open and at their most beautiful. Our artificial flower bouquets will always have several flowers in full bloom so there is no waiting for the buds to open. They are ready for you to enjoy and your guests to be impressed with the floral display you have on show.

They are resilient if knocked over….Young children and pets love to play and this can often lead to things being knocked over. Artificial flowers are unlikely to be damaged if accidentally knocked over. Also as they do not require any water there is no chance of a spillage over your wooden dresser or the carpet (water that has been in a vase a few days can be quite dirty)












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